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Die Independent Artists Radio Show
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Next issue is wednesday, 16th January, 8pm CET

Featuring the following artists:

jonny boston (Klaus Weißbach), Rosi Roswitha Karger, Michael Kosterman, Michel Zanoboli, Edgar Rebel, Ivory Tower Project, Firmo, Daniel Küpper, Yvonne Held, The Brigadier, Jerry Hull, Mike North (Maik Ratajczyk), Firesphere, Cradle of Haze (Thorsten Eligehausen), Wolkenreiter (Claudia Adel u. Andreas Bergersbacher), TANNY, Moonlights tanz & show band, Gilbrecht Thomann, Tom Shed, Stan Silver, C.C.Tennissen, sowie Michael Kratz


- Nicole Scotty (new artists)
- Lee Christian´s new single "i´Ve GoT SoMeTHiNG 4 u"


Jerry Hull "When you where famous" incl. new single "Matchbox Cover"

STREAM from 10pm CET - Midnight:

Baxtens, Clint J. Robin, Claudia Naujock, Ballermann Country Band, Edgar&Marie, Paolo Carraro Band, Reini und Luky, John Bijl, Carl Emroy, Backus & Cole, Roody Poo, Jesse Cole, Stevie Schneider, Claus Carl, Carl Emroy, Andreas Oscar, Ine Wagenvoort, DJ Partykapitän, And friends Berlin, Shelter Dreams, Crissy The Voice Of Soul, Alexandra Katherina, Michael Kratz, Gilbrecht Thomann, Sharine ONeill, Mariella, Heavy Load, Buck T. Edwards, Andreas Bergersbacher, sowie Die Zoologen und Gino Alessi

(all playlists subject to change)

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